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About Animal removal

Animal removal starts with proper identification of the nuisance animal. EJ’s Pest Control will start by walking around the perimeter of your home and looking for tracks in the dirt, trees or on the side of the house. Typically you can at least distinguish a bird or bat from a raccoon or opossum. This will help you determine the proper method of animal removal. Once we have found the problem areas, look for indicators on the quantity of animals causing the problem. Usually you can see different track sizes.

Collect Historical Data

Once you have identified what species of animal to remove and how many you seemingly have, remember this is only an estimate with exceptions like baby raccoons in your attic or skunks under your porch.

Think about whether you have had this problem in years past. If so, is it the same time of year? Ask the neighbors if they have the same issue.

These questions help determine long-term solutions. Trapping and relocating one or two raccoons will only be a short-term solution if you have a record of hundreds in the backswamp area of your home. You’ll need to discuss long-term solutions with your animal removal company, like a fence or other wildlife control habitat solutions.

Hire Us

Animal removal and relocation typically requires a license. Contact EJ’s Pest Control to assist you in this process. There are regulations regarding how far you should take the animal, location of relocation and more.

Provide them with the information you’ve collected about the animal to come up with a long-term solution.

Many homeowners insurance companies cover damage caused by an animal. An animal removal company can assist you in preparing and requesting a claim to your insurance company with photographs to confirm the damage.

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